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Skaw L\YiiversLtij JjuLLeUn 

Volume XXII March, 1953 Number 5 

Summer School 


Six Weeks Session, June 11 to July 18 

At the Close of the Six Weeks Session, a Three Weeks Session 
will be offered upon sufficient demand 

Ministers' and Women's Missionary Courses 

Annual Institute, June 8-12 

Ministers' and Missionary Study Courses, June 15-26 

Published six times the year in the months, February, March, May, July, October and November 

Entered as second-class matter January 25, 1932, at the post office at Raleigh, North Carolina, 

under act of August 2U, 1912. 

Shaw University Bulletin 

Shaw University 

Summer School 

Under the Supervision 

of the 

Division of Negro Education 

Department of Public 


Raleigh, North Carolina 


Classes are held each Saturday with the exception of June 20 and 
July 4. 

Person desiring domitory space should see page 4. 

June 11 Thursday ..Registration — Six Weeks Session 

June 19 Friday Last Day for filing application for graduation 

July 19 Friday Six Weeks Session Ends 

Shaw University Bulletin 3 


William R. Strassner, A. B., B. D., S. T. M., D. D President 

Nelson H. Harris, A. B., A. M., Ph. D Director of Summer 

Foster P. Payne, A. B., A. M Dean of the College 

Glenwood E. Jones, B. S. C. Business Manager 

Martha Williams Wheeler, B. S., M. S Acting Registrar 

Ada R. Jarnagin _ Secretary 

Bernice E. Rainbow, A. B., B. L. S. Acting Librarian 

Carrie L. Harrison, B. S., M. A Dean of Women 

John H. Brown, Jr., B. S., M. A Dean of Men 


(Tentative at Time of Printing) 

Marguerite M. Adams, A. B., A. M., Ed. D. Sociology 

Henry Blackmon, Jr., Mus. B. Music- 
James A. Boyer, B. A., M. A., Ed. D. English 

John H. Brown, Jr., B. S., M. A. Biology 

Lenoir H. Cook, A. B., M. A., French 

Caesarea E. Debnam, A. B., M. A Education 

Carl DeVane, A. B., A. M Government and History 

Nelson H. Harris, A. B., A. M., Ph. D Education 

Carrie L. Harrison, B. S., A. M. Home Economics 

Herschel L. Irons, B. S., M. S. Biology 

James E. Lytle, A. B., A. M Physical Education 

Charles R. McCreary, A. B., B. D Religion and Philosophy 

Mary A. Miller, B. S., A. M. Art 

S. Stanley Morris, A. B., A. M Economics and History 

Foster P. Payne, A. B., A. M. English 

Horace C. Perrin, B. S., A. M. .. Physical Science Survey and Chemistry 

Alma W. West, A. B., A. M Education and English 

Malcolm D. Williams, A. B., A. 1VL, Ed. D Education 

Shaw University Bulletin 



The Summer Session is intended to provide instruction for regular 
students of this and other colleges and universities and for those en- 
gaged during the winter in teaching. 


The location of Shaw University is especially convenient, situated 
practically in the heart of the Capital City. No car or cab fares will 
be necessary to visit the shopping district, State Department of Educa- 
tion, State Museum, State Library, Hall of History, and other places 
of educational interest. An exceedingly bracing and healthful climate 
makes this city an ideal place for residence and study. 


The faculty for the Summer Session will be composed primarily of 
the regular members of the Shaw University faculty, together with 
additional specialists in the field of education. 


A well-equipped and attractive library, consisting of approximately 
19,000 books is located in Tyler Hall. It is supervised by a competent 
librarian who aids the students in their reference work and guides 
them in their general reading. Magazines and daily and weekly news- 
papers provide means for the information of students on current 
events. It is the aim of the Administration to make the library a place 
of great usefulness in the education of the students in technical knowl- 
edge and general culture. 


Local conditions make it impossible for the University to offer ob- 
servation and directed teaching facilities. 


Persons desiring dormitory accommodations during the Summer 
School should indicate that fact to the Registrar, not later than June 
2 ; send key deposit of $2.00 with application prior to that date, making 
money-order payable to Shaw University. The University has adequate 
housing for those who desire to live on the campus. The women stu- 
dents are under the supervision of the Dean of Women who is assisted 
by dormitory hostesses, and the men students are under the supervision 
of the Dean of Men and assistants. 

Shaw University Bulletin 5 


Tennis, croquet, softball, and sightseeing tours are among the 
forms of recreation provided by the University. 

In addition, several social events are held for the students and 
faculty of the Summer School. 


The Bureau has secured each year a large number of teaching and 
administrative positions for students and former students. It exists 
for the double purpose of supplying the needs of school officials over 
the State and of helping students and former students to find teaching 
and administrative positions for which they are best suited. 


Assembly exercises are held in Greenleaf Memorial Hall on Mon- 
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays. All students are invited to attend these 
exercises. Special addresses are arranged and interesting recitals 


Teachers are requested to bring their certificates, credit slips from 
summer schools previously attended, diplomas, or other evidences of 
training. These will be needed for registration the first day. No student 
should expect to enter and receive credit after Monday, June 15. 


Written application should be made and forwarded in advance. A 
transcript signed by the president or principal of the school attended, 
containing a full record of the subjects pursued by the student with 
the time devoted to each, and his standing in the same, should be sent 
to the Registrar of the University before the student registers. Applica- 
tion blanks will be furnished on request and should be filled out and 
returned promptly. 

Courses are organized to serve the needs of the following persons : 

(a ) High School graduates 

( b ) College students 

(c) College graduates interested in renewing certificates 

(d.) Holders of any of the following certificates: 

1. Elementary — any class 

2. Primary "C," "B," "A" 

3. Grammar "C," "B," "A" 

4. High School "C," "B," "A" 

6 Shaw University Bulletin 

Non-Boarders : Six Weeks 

Tuition fee $ 40.00 

Custodial and service fee 6.00 

Library fee 2.50 

Lyceum fee 5.00 

Total $ 53.50 

Boarders : 

Board and room... $ 55.00 

Tuition fee 40.00 

Library fee 2.50 

Lyceum fee 5.00 

Total... $102.50 


Weekly arrears penalty $ 1.00 

Room key deposit required of resident students 2.00 

Late registration, per day _ 1.00 

Private mail box for part or entire session 2.00 

Graduation fee 15.00 

Extra hour, each 10.00 

Laboratory and special fees (see under courses) 


1. In addition to general expenses listed above, note laboratory or 
special fees are required in certain courses. (See list of courses 
offered. ) 

2. Charge for board and room for less than a week will be at the rate 
of $2.00 per day. 

3. Fees are due in full upon entering. Arrangements for delayed 
payments will involve extra charges of $1.00 for each week or 
fraction thereof in which account is in arrears. (A student who 
withdraws of his own accord within the first week of the session, 
will be charged tuition by the week and will be required to pay a 
fee of $2.50 plus room and board.) No refund will be made after 
a two week period. 

4. Tuition charges are based upon a load not to exceed six semester 
hours. In the event a student is permitted to carry extra work, 
the charge will be $10.00 per semester hour. 

5. Candidates for degrees should file application for graduation by 

June 18 and pay graduation fee and all expenses by July 11. The 
graduation fee is $15.00 and includes use of cap and gown. There 
is no reduction in this fee, however, if the student does not partici- 
pate in commencement exercises. 

Shaw University Bulletin 7 

6. After one transcript has been released for a student, a fee of 
$1.00 is charged for the release of each additional transcript. 

7. In addition to the above expenses, allowances must be made for 
the purchase of books and supplies and personal necessities. 

8. Dormitory students will have access to the school laundry. Stu- 
dents will be required to furnish linen and spreads for their beds, 
pillows, towels, and soap. 

9. Any policies, procedures, or charges not covered by specific 
statement in this BULLETIN are the same as indicated in the 
catalog of the academic year. 

10. A limited number of mail boxes are available for rent to students 
at a fee of $2.00 for the summer session. These may be rented 
individually or in a group not to exceed four students per box. 


1. A student must earn 124 semester hours credit in courses in- 
cluding Physical Education. 

2. A student must earn 124 quality points. 

3. A student must be in good standing at the time he is recommend- 
ed for his degree. 

4. A student must meet the general requirements for either the A. B. 
or the B. S. degree as outlined below. 

5. A student must meet the specific requirements for his major as 
outlined in the Annual Catalog. 

6. A student must pursue courses in residence at Shaw University 
for a period of at least two semesters the last of which must im- 
mediately precede his graduation. During this period of two 
semesters the student is required to earn a minimum of thirty 
( 30 ) semester hours credit. 

In lieu of the above, a student may satisfy residence requirements 
by attending three twelve-weeks summer sessions or a comparable 
period of summer study earning a minimum of thirty-six ( 36 ) 
semester hours credit in courses pursued at the University. The 
last of these sessions must immediately precede his graduation. 


( 1 ) Personal Adjustment Lectures. 

(2) English, 101, 102, 221, 222.... 12 hours 

(3) Survey Science 101-102 8 hours 

(4) Social Science Survey 111-112 6 hours 

(5) Two years in one Foreign Language ....12 hours 

( 6 ) Biblical Literature 101 and three hours elective in 

Religion 6 hours 

(7) Psychology 211 3 hours 

'Except for majors in elementary education 

8 Shaw University Bulletin 

(8) Philosophy 303 3 hours 

(9) Sociology 201 or Economics 201.... 3 hours 

(10) Government 201 or History 314 3 hours 

(11) Physical Education 101, 102, 221 4 hours 

(12) Departmental Requirements according to major. 


(1) Personal Adjustment Lectures 

(2) English 101, 102, 221, 222 12 hours 

(3) Mathematics 101-102 8 hours 

(4) History 111-112 6 hours 

(5) Two years in one Foreign Language .....12 hours 

(6) Biblical Literature 101 3 hours 

(7) Psychology 211 or 212 3 hours 

(8) Philosophy 303.... 3 hours 

(9) Social Science (one of the following courses)... 3 hours 

Sociology 201 History 314 

Economics 201 Government 201 

(10) Physical Education 101, 102, 221 4 hours 

(11) Departmental Requirements according to major 


(1) Personal Adjustment Lectures 

(2) English 101, 102, 221, 222, 327, 333.... 18 hours 

(3) Survey Science 101, 102..... 8 hours 

(4) History 111, 112, 333, 334 12 hours 

(5) Government 201 3 hours 

(6) Economics 201 or History 314 3 hours 

(7) Biblical Literature 101 3 hours 

(8) Philosophy 303 3 hours 

(9) Art 212, 251, 252, 254 9 hours 

(10) Music 205, 207, 214 6 hours 

(11) Physical Education 211, 214, 362 6 hours 

(12) Electives in Physical Education and Health Education.. 4 hours 

(13) Geography 351, 353, 355 9 hours 

(14) Education 201, 212, 313, 325, 436, 437, 439, 480E and 

433 or 435... 30 hours 

(15 ) Electives in Education or other departments. 

(16) All students expecting to secure primary or grammar grade 
certificates to teach in the State of North Carolina must be able 
to make a reasonable score on the Ayres or Thorndike Writing 

There will be provision for improvement in penmanship, but 
without credit. 

(17) Although not a requirement for graduation, it is recommended 
that majors in elementary education pursue piano lessons, since 
opportunities for employment are greater for teachers who can 
play the piano. 

Shaw University Bulletin 


( Figure in parentheses represents the semester hours credit. The 
University reserves the right to withdraw any courses with insufficient 
enrollment. Students interested in courses not announced should 
notify the Director of the Summer School by May 14 regarding their 
desires. The University will consider offering courses not listed below 
upon sufficient demand. 


1. Art sl08.... (2) 

2. Art s212 (3) 

3. Art s251 (2) 

4. Music s205 „ (2) 

5. Music s207.„. (3) 

6. Music s215 (2) 


1. Education s313 (3) 

2. Education s315 (2) 

3. Education s318 (3) 

4. Education s325 (3) 

5. Education s338 (3) 

6. Education s430....._ (3) 

7. Education s439 (3) 

8. Education s554 (4-6) 


1. English slOl (3) 

2. English s221..._ (3) 

3. English s327 (3) 

4. English s333..__ (3) 

Art Crafts (Lab. fee-S3.00 plus 
supplies ) 

.Freehand Drawing < Lab. S3. 00 
plus supplies ) 

.Industrial Arts for Elementary 
Teachers 'Lab. fee $2.00 plus 
supplies ) 
.Elements of Music 

.Public School Music f extra fee 


.History of Music (extra fee 

$2.50 I 

.Observing and Studying Children 

Tests and Measurements 

.Observing and Studying the 

.Observing and Studying Rural 
.Library Usage 

.Audio-Visual Aids 

.Methods and Materials in Read- 

.Workshop-Seminar in Adminis- 
tration and Supervision 

.English Composition 
.Survey of World Literature 
.American Literature 
.Children's Literature 

10 Shaw University Bulletin 


Courses will be offered in this area according to demand. Per- 
sons interested in registering for a foreign language should 
indicate this fact in writing to the Director not later than May 
1, 1953. 

V. GEOGRAPHY Semester 

Hour Description 

1. Geography s351 (3) ....Principles of Geography 

2. Geography s355..^ (3). ...Regional Geography 


1. Government s201 (3) ....Introduction to Government 

2. Economics s201 (3) ....Principles of Economics 

3. History s221... (3) ...European History 

4. History s333 (3) ...American History 

1. Philosophy s303 (3) ....Ethics 


1. Physical Education s214.... (2) ....Principles of Physical Education 

for Elementary Schools 

2. Physical Education s319.... (2) ....Intramural Athletics 

3. Physical Education s362_... (2 ) ....Health Education 

4. Physical Education s255A_. ( 1 ) ....Beginners' Swimming 

5. Physical Education (2) ....Elective 


1. B. L. sl04.._. (3). ...The Life and Teaching of Jesus 

2. Courses for B. D. students (According to Demand) 


1. Science slOl (4) .... Biological Survey (Lab. fee 


2. Science sl02 (4) ....Physical Survey (Lab. fee $7.50) 

3. Biology sl02. (4) ....General Zoology (Lab. fee 


4. Biology s421 (4) ....Physiology (Lab. fee $10.00) 

5. Chemistry s221 (4) ....Organic Chemistry (Lab. fee 


6. Science s234... (4) ....General Bacteriology (Lab. fee 


1. Home Economics s331 (3) ...Home Management 

Shaw University Bulletin 11 


Because of the success of the workshop-seminar of other years, 
plans are being made to provide a workshop-seminar for teachers, 
principals, and supervisors. The workshop-seminar is designed to give 
its members an opportunity to clarify their thinking on problems of 
educational philosophy, and to give them assistance in defining educa- 
tional objectives. Each member will be given a chance to work on prob- 
lems which are encountered in his particular school situation. Those 
who bring similar problems will be encouraged to work in small, in- 
formal groups. In addition, they will have easy access to the services 
of a group of sympathetic and competent workshop specialists. 

Those who attend will be given credit for six semester hours in 
supervision and administration. These hours will fulfill the State's re- 
quirement for the principal's or supervisor's certificate, and, in addi- 
tion, serve to renew certificates. 

Registration for workshop will begin June 11. Special fee of $4.50 
in addition to regular charges. 

For further information, please feel free to communicate with the 
Director of Summer School. 



The Reverend M. N. DeLaney, General Director 

ONE WEEK: From Noon, Monday, June 8 until Friday, June 12, 

Annually during the second week in June, Shaw University pro- 
motes an Institute for Ministers in cooperation with the General Bap- 
tist State Convention, and a Leadership Training Conference in 
cooperation with the Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Conven- 
tion of North Carolina. The program provides courses of study dealing 
with subjects of special interest to pastors ; discussions and open 
forums on topics of vital interest ; addresses and platform talks by 
specialists in various phases of religious work; and opportunities for 
fellowship with fellow ministers of varied experiences and backgrounds. 

The Institute for Ministers and the Women's Leadership Train- 
ing Conference will be held at the same time, June 8-12. Registration, 
$1.50; room and board for the entire week, $8.50. For further informa- 
tion, ministers should write to The Reverend M. N. DeLaney, Shaw 
University, Raleigh, North Carolina : women Missionary workers 
should write to Mrs. Ellen S. Alston, Post Office Box 1818, Raleigh, 
North Carolina. 

12 Shaw University Bulletin 


The Reverend Moses N. DeLaney, Director 

TWO WEEKS : Beginning Monday, June 15 and ending Friday, June 
26, 1953 

Shaw University is pleased to offer this summer a two weeks' study 
course for ministers who desire to improve themselves in literary 
background and in Bible study. These are not courses for college credit 
but are designed for ministers who do not have the credits necessary 
for college admission. 

The classes will meet from Monday to Friday of each week so that 
ministers may return to their church fields if desired. The fees will 
be $10.00 a week including course fees, room and board for those who 
bring their sheets, pillow cases, and towels. The charges will be $12.00 
per week for those who do not bring their linen. Persons not living in 
the dormitories will pay $4.50 a week. A laboratory fee of $1.00 will 
be paid by each student for materials to be used in the handicrafts 
course. About $5.00 will be needed for books and other supplies. For 
further information, write to The Reverend M. N. DeLaney, Shaw 
University, Raleigh, North Carolina. 


TWO WEEKS : Beginning Monday, June 15, and ending Friday, June 
26, 1953 

This summer Shaw University continues a summer study program 
for Missionary Women as another phase of the program of the Mis- 
sionary Training Department. The work will be so organized that over 
a period of years women who have completed the total program will 
receive a certificate. These are not the courses which are to be taken 
by the students in the college working for the A. B. degree with a 
major in Religious Education, but are designed for women who are 
already active in the missionary program in their churches, or wish to 
prepare themselves for the improvement of such activities. 

Classes meet from Monday to Friday of each week so that the 
Missionary Workers may return home each weekend, if desired. The 
fees will be $10.00 a week including course fees, room and board for 
those who bring their sheets, pillow cases,, and towels. The charges 
will be $12.00 a week for those who do not bring their linen. Persons 
not living in the dormitories will pay $4.50 a week. A laboratory fee 
of $1.00 will be paid by each student for materials to be used in the 
Handicrafts course. About $5.00 will be needed for books and other 
supplies. For further information, write to Mrs. Ellen S. Alston, Post 
Office Box 1818, Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Shaw University Bulletin 13 


Shaw University is a member of 

Association of American Colleges 

Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools for Negroes 

North Carolina Negro College Conference 

National Student Health Association 

American Council on Education 

Association of Baptist Educational Institutions 

United Negro College Fund 


Shaw University consists of a College of Arts and Sciences offering 
courses of study leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bache- 
lor of Science, and a School of Religion offering a course of study lead- 
ing to the degree of Bachelor of Divinity. 

Shaw University Bulletin 15 





Name : Miss. 

Home Address 

(Last) (First) (Middle) 

( Street and Number ) 



Are you a student in the present regular session of 

Shaw University? 

Have you attended the Shaw Summer Session previously?. 

Latest year 

Do you plan to live on the campus? 

Do you plan to attend the first term? 

What courses do you plan to take? (List by number, i. e., Eng., s221, 
His sill) 

Do you plan to attend the second term? 

What courses do you plan to take? (List by number) 


NOTE : If you are entering Shaw University for the first time with 
the expectation of earning a degree, please write to the Registrar for 
the regular Application for Admission form which must be filled out